Fontana Di Papa
The winery has its roots in history: the name refers to a fountain that had the function of refreshing travelers, built by the will of Pope Innocent XII at the end of the Fifteenth century.
The story evolves: in 1959, Fontana di Papa began in the town of Ariccia, becoming in time competitive within the global market: the 150 small and medium producers of the area
cooperate to produce a great wine, cultivating 400 hectares of hills and creating a range of first-class products that meet the needs of consumers.
Fontana di Papa
wines in the
The Fontana di Papa commercial policy is based on the production of authentic wines, important numbers and a great value for money.
Francesca Romana Cappelli
Enrico Papini
Alessio Boglione
Alessandro Carafa Jacobini
Eugenio Fini
Ennio Tanga
Luciano Caputo
Angelo Giovannini
Miriam Menniti
Fabrizio Leva
Nina Farrell
Filippo Scottoni
Rosalia Boccadoro
Emanuela Ceci
Monica De Cavi
Gianluca Grossi
Matilde Lalli
Fabio Mercanti
Renzo Paglia
Guido Oropallo
Patrizio Chiappa
Graziano Copparoni
Alessandro Pellegrini
Francesco Saragoni
Annamaria D'Ambrogio
Emanuele Marazzi
Giovanni Catarinelli
Cesare Furzi
Simone Gilletti
Gino Izzi