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Founded in 1959, Fontana di Papa is the face of 150 small and medium-sized producers based in the Roman Hills cooperating to produce a great wine from their combined 400 hectares of vines.

Fontana di Papa’s wines are the fruit of labor from generations devoting their love and passion to the land and its vines. Vineyards have always played an important economic role in the history of this region since the Roman times, and Fontana di Papa, with over 50 years of experience, looks to the future.

Wine production is an earthy tradition; our particular soils are rich in potassium salts and phosphorus due to the volcanic territory, the climate and microclimate, favored by the present lakes and nearby sea, are ideal for growing a product of high quality. Viticulture has been practiced for centuries in the areas of the Castelli Romani and the Alban Hills, dating back to the imperial age. Since the Roman Empire wine has been produced here, and later appreciated by noble families and celebrated by Latin writers. They are among the most important wine areas in Lazio. Fontana di Papa has implemented modern winemaking methods which have allowed to create high quality products, products that have established Fontana di Papa in the national and international markets. Among these wines are DOC Colli Albani, a historic traditional DOC, and our latest product DOC ROMA, both red and white, a wine that carries an important name and is one of Fontana di Papa’s top products.